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BDA Melaksanakan Konsep Bandaraya Sejahtera Tahun Ini Cetak BDA Melaksanakan Konsep Bandaraya Sejahtera Tahun Ini

PictureBINTULU :BDA general manager, YBhg. Datu Mohidin Ishak said the provision for it has been approved and would focus on their measures. He said: "the first step is the provision of street lighting facility to be increased. The area include Bintulu town center, Bazaar Main Road, backlanes of Jalan Abang Galau shops and night market at Jalan Pedada. 
The second step,he added "is the separation of pedestrians and riders access a Jalan Abang Galau and Jalan Masjid (Taman Sri Dagang) to prevent thefts."

"While the third step would be to provide locked bike parking at Jalan Abang Galau, Jalan kappel, Jalan sommerville, and Jalan Masjid (Taman Sri Dagang) to prevent motorcycle thefts".

Mohidin explained that the three measure under the save city will be implemented this year which had been discussed with the police. The Save City involves a total cost to almost RM400,000 in an effort to ensure Bintulu a place that is save from crime as well as to reduce crime rates in the division. "We Will try to upgrade the facilities and improve the security and safety in this division from time to time," he added.

Acting Bintulu police chief DSP Poniman Margiman said that the Safe City concept introduced by BDA would be effective to deter crime from happening, especially in hotspot areas as well as providing a safer environment for the public. "For example the separation of pedestrian routes from the riders would prevent snatch thefts from taking place as it would complicate thieves’ action", he said.

Meanwhile, Special Projects manager of Pansar Company Sdn Bhd and Emastech Sdn. Bhd, David Tiong Ing Hoe said that Bintulu is the first to have the closed circuit television (CCTV) system installed. "The system introduced by BDA is the first of its kind in East Malaysia," he said, adding that a similar system is also being developed in Sibu.

The installation of such a system will also make sure the public maintain their good behavior, knowing that they will be constantly watched and in turn would be a great help to the police in its effort to prevent crime.

"CCTV monitoring will allow us to know what is happening in the city center, especially in hotspot areas." he said.

Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) in collaboration with the royal Malaysia police will implement the save city concept under the National Key Result Areas (NKRA) this year.

Source : The Borneo Post dated January, 14, 2011