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BDA tailors devt plans to meet people’s needs
Posted on : 14 Apr 2017  Source of News: The Borneo Post

BINTULU: Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) being a responsible local municipal authority will come up with development plans for the convenience of people in Bintulu, said its general manager Rodziah Morshidi.

She said BDA was receptive and open to discussion with the local community to improve their social wellbeing. As a result, Pasar Sg Plan was built to accommodate locals, especially small time Bumiputera hawkers and traders.

Rodziah said this during the opening of the Sg Plan Market in Sg Plan Tanjung Kidurong which was officiated by Samalaju assemblyman Majang Renggi yesterday.

According to her, the market was built at a cost of RM1,470,000 with 190 lots.

“This project was initiated before I became general manager of BDA and the renovation work for the installation of tiles had been carried out for the convenience of users.

“We really hope this market will benefit the local business community and improve their socio-economy,” said Rodziah.

She said if there is a need to extend the market, there is ample space nearby and it is up to locals.

“Sg Plan is a densely populated area and with all the housing schemes, this settlement can easily accommodate 10,000 to 20,000 people,” she added.

For that reason, BDA has been trying to pull other government agencies to come in and set up branches in the area so it can become a service centre.

“We offer for rent shop lots temporarily used by government agencies to set up their branch offices.

“Locals need the services and there are several departments that engaged with us to set up their services,” she said, adding that even BDA had set up branch office in Sg Plan to give better services to the people.

Rodziah urged local traders at the market to make sure the surrounding area is clean as it is their collective responsibility. If the place is dirty, people will not come, especially to buy raw materials, so they must take care of this place that enabled them to earn a living.

When she was inspecting the toilet recently, she noticed that some equipment had been vandalised even before the place opened to the public.

“This is what happens to infrastructure in Sg Plan which is inconvenient for the public. If you notice of any suspicious looking activities, take a photo and send it to us, so we can catch the culprits on the spot, and be assured that the informers’ identity will be kept secret.

“We want to come down hard on litterbugs and vandals so if you care about this place as a means to earn a living, be part of us in taking care of infrastructure here,” said Rodziah.

She called on the traders if they encounter any issue or need something to come to discuss with BDA.

“We are ready to listen to the people’s problem, understand and implement as long as that they are not against the law.

“If possible traders in Sg Plan can create a committee, have their own whatsapp group as a simple but effective and fast way to spread information,” she added.