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Take advantage of RTP projects, Class F contractors advised
Posted on : 25 Mar 2017  Source of News: The Borneo Post

Chukpai (third left) receives his membership certificate from former PERKOBF Sarawak president Hussaini Bujang. Also seen is PERKOBF Malaysia president Tukiman Radion (third right).

KUCHING: Class F contractors in the state are advised to take advantage of the numerous Rural Transformation Programme (RTP) projects, which will start to roll out sometime next month. 

The deadline for each State Legislative Assembly (DUN) member to finalise their RTP proposals is March 31.

Murum assemblyman Chukpai Ugon said the RTP projects would involve the construction of village roads, street lamps, traffic lights and public amenities such as multipurpose halls, playgrounds and community libraries or other projects that would not cost more than RM200,000.

“Each state constituency has been allocated RM5 million to carry out the RTP projects. These projects will also be reflected in each of the DUN member’s Key Performance Indicator (KPI),” he said at the start of the 13th bi-annual general meeting of Class F Bumiputera Contractors Association (PERKOBF) Sarawak at a hotel here yesterday.

Chukpai said among the government agencies involved in implementing the RTP projects would be the Public Works Department (JKR), Land and Survey Department, State Planning Unit (SPU), state Treasury Department, State Implementation Monitoring Unit (Simu), state Drainage and Irrigation Department, Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) and respective local councils.

He said the respective Resident’s Offices would coordinate the RTP projects in each division.

On another note, he echoed the statement made by chief political secretary to chief minister Abdullah Saidol, that stern action should be taken against contractors who failed to deliver projects undertaken by them on schedule, or for not adhering to specifications set by the agencies.

“I hope to see each contractor in this association deliver and take the projects seriously,” said Chukpai, who was appointed as advisor of PERKOBF Sarawak.

He reminded all that the RTP was vital to Sarawak as it aimed to uplift the physical development and socio-economy of the communities, particularly in the rural areas of the state.

On PERKOBF Sarawak, Chukpoi said it would act as a platform to iron out issues and problems faced by Class F contractors in Sarawak, adding that the association would also be the venue for its members to exchange ideas and experiences in the competitive construction industry.