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Last Update: 19 01 2019
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BDA chief hails success of kite festival
Posted on : 03 Oct 2017  Source of News: The Borneo Post

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BINTULU: The just-concluded 13th Borneo International Kite Festival (BIKF) is a great success not only for the organising committee and the kite-flyers, but also for the people of Bintulu.

Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) general manager Rodziah Morshidi was impressed with the overall arrangement made by her dedicated teams in this year’s festival, which attracted huge crowds.

“The BIKF is truly a premier tourism event in Bintulu. It is a festival like no other – one that offers the best for Bintulu; so let us all make it remain as such, unbeatable, and we make it bigger and bigger,” she spoke during an appreciation dinner at a hotel here on Sunday.

She thanked all participants, BDA staff and heads of departments for contributing towards the success of BIKF 2017.

“This is my third time doing the BIKF for Bintulu – I believe this year’s BIKF has become bigger.

“It’s really a challenge, but I think all departments involved in organising the BIKF have done a wonderful job.

“They don’t mind spending extra hours, staying in the hot sun and rain just to make sure that the preparations for BIKF would go on smoothly.

“I for one would like to express our utmost gratitude to our partners in BIKF this year. To all staff of BDA, a very big thank you for all the hard work,” said Rodziah.

She also thanked the co-sponsors who had been very generous in contributing to the success of BIKF 2017, and hoped that the same kind of cooperation would be extended in the future.

“Bring back good memories of Bintulu and we’ll see you again next year,” said Rodziah, especially to the foreign participants.

Meanwhile Kevin Sanders from Australia, who was representing the kite-flyers, said the festival had been an exemplary event to other similar festivals held around the world.

The organising committee, he said, had successfully introduced new and vibrant aspects to the annual festival.

“Everyone involved in this year’s kite event can feel very proud of their efforts in making it and keeping the event a huge success.

“But the festival doesn’t just happen because we turn up; lots of work went into organising it in the preceding year, and there are many people who spent a lot of time and energy on this.

“On behalf of all kite-flyers, a huge thank you to the Bintulu Development Authority and the organising committee. To the people of Bintulu and Sarawak who support the event in such large numbers especially this year, and make us – the international and national guests – feel so welcomed and appreciated.

“So what was the best part of my kite flying in 2017? Well, that’s easy – coming to the Borneo International Kite Festival in Bintulu.

“So what I can do for next year? Well, nothing as long as I return to Bintulu with my very best friends,” said Sanders.

Ten awards were presented to the outstanding kite-flyers.

Hairuddin Jemain of Johor received the ‘Most Colourful Kites Award’ while the ‘Longest Train Kites Award’ went to Ismail Mohamad Jafar of Sarawak.

One of the new participating countries, Switzerland represented by Mercel Burri and Jeannie, won the ‘Biggest/ Largest Kites (Alladin) Award’.

Tan Xin Bo of China received the ‘Rokkaku Challenge Award’ and another national kite-flyer Saim Bolong of Johor won the ‘Most Unique Wind Garden Award’.

Other awards included the ‘Most Sporting Kite Couple’ (Kevin and Linda Sanders from Australia), ‘Female Sporting Flyer’ (Donna Taylor from Canada), ‘Male Sporting Flyer’ (Mohd Husairy Abdul Rahman from Johor), Most Committed Flyer (Richard Derbray from France), and ‘ Most Creative Kite’ (Andrea Baffoni from Italy).