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Bintulu Development Authority

BDA organise a Talk and KIK Workshop programme
Posted on : 01 Mar 2019  Source of News: BDA

February 25, 2019, Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) has organized a Talk & Workshop on Innovative & Creative Group (KIK) at one of hotels in Bintulu. The program was attended by 173 participants from 25 KIK groups established in BDA. The purpose of the Program is to provide knowledge and understanding on KIK activities especially in the aspects under the New Public Horizon KIK of the Sarawak State Public Service 2.0.


Participants were also given guidance, guidance and exposure in the process of implementing KIK projects by invited speakers, En. Dolhadi b. Hj. Mazuki from the State Service Modernization Unit (UPPN), Sarawak Chief Minister's Department, Kuching.

The Closing Ceremony was officiated by Pn. Siti Aishah Othman, Assistant General Manager (Environmen Services) representing BDA General Manager. She recorded thanks to the State Service Modernization Unit, JKM for their acceptance of the invitation so BDA's intention to hold the program here can be realized on schedule.

She also thanked En. Dolhadi for sharing his knowledge, experience and expertise in the relevant fields that should have benefited the participants. BDA's management hopes that all participants will be able to apply what has been learned and to implement innovation and creativity initiatives in their respective areas in an effort to improve the quality of service delivery to customers.