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Bintulu Development Authority

Development comes with a price — BDA GM
Posted on : 30 Nov 2019  Source of News: The Borneo Post

BINTULU: Bintulu has become the fastest growing town in Sarawak because of speedy and proper planning, said Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) general manager Rodziah Morshidi.

However, even with all the good planning in place, somehow something would happen on the ground, mostly environmental, that would affect the lives of the local people, she added.

She pointed out that any development comes with a price, which the people have to pay for.

But she stressed that BDA, as a state government entity entrusted to take charge of physical planning and development of the town, would not make this an excuse to avoid from taking responsibility.

As a local government authority, she said BDA was working hard to tackle local issues accordingly, with help from other relevant government agencies.

“I hope all people will work together with us to keep the town clean, nice, pretty, beautiful with lots of colours,” said Rodziah during the Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony at the Centre Court of the Spring Bintulu Shopping Mall on Wednesday night.

According to her, flash floods are a long standing issue faced by the people here especially those staying in the low-lying areas, and BDA had tried its best to find the solutions.

“Finding solution is not an easy thing; a lot of things happening underground are not visible on the ground.

“We are working it out with the consultant to review the Drainage Masterplan study,” she added.

On industrial development, she said Bintulu was on the right track, with Samalaju Industrial Park receiving more investments and new projects are expected to kick off next year.

Apart from focusing on heavy industries, BDA, she added, also has its own plan to engage the locals in the proposed setting up of a mini agro park in Sepadok area on a piece of land that has been identified for the agricultural project.

Rodziah said this project would be another tourists spot in Bintulu.

The aim, she pointed out, is to ensure Bintulu grow holistically and not just relying on heavy industries but also other sectors.

Meanwhile, the Spring Bintulu chief operating officer Andy Song believes that Bintulu has yet to fully realise its full potential, saying in the aspect of tourism, Bintulu has more to offer.

“Bintulu is a great place to stay in, with such a great sunset at the Bintulu Esplanade waterfront,” he added.