Johari Sunam Road Open to Road Users
Posted on : 07 Nov 2022  Source of News: Utusan Borneo

BINTULU: The new four-lane Jalan Johari Sunam to Jalan Kemena was opened to road users yesterday, providing a smoother route and relieving Bintulu city traffic flow at this time.

The route diverts the larger volume of traffic and congestion in nearby residential areas to Bintulu town and outside Bintulu such as to Bintulu Airport, Tatau and heading towards Sibu.

The inauguration of the opening of the road at the ``Majlis Sila Lalu'' which allowed the public to use the new road was attended by Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) Deputy Chairman Dato Haidar Khan Asghar Khan, BDA General Manager Datu Muhamad Yakup Kari, BDA senior management, consultants and contractors who involved.

BDA in its statement explained that the new road will help ease the congested traffic flow in and out of Bintulu, especially at the intersection of Batu 5 and the intersection of Jalan Sibiew-Bintulu-Sibu.

"With the existence of this new road, it is hoped that road users in Bintulu will travel more smoothly, safely, easily and comfortably," added the statement.

At the same time, he said, it is hoped that users can make the road the pride of Bintulu by always practicing safe driving and keeping it clean.

This project involves the construction of a four-lane road to accommodate the increase in the number of vehicles and the opening of more land for development in the southern part of Bintulu town where the project is part of the Bintulu Town Development Plan.

He said the road also helped to relieve the amount of traffic entering Bintulu town via Jalan Sebiew and Simpang Batu 6 Jalan Bintulu-Miri.

"It is an alternative route for daily users in and out of Bintulu city thus providing a good and proper traffic system for the entire Bintulu major development," he said.

The scope of the project involves the construction of a four-lane road for cars and a path for motorcycles, sewers, drainage systems, street lights, traffic lights, footpaths, pedestrian crossings and grass land.

The cost of the project for the construction of Jalan Johari Sunam to the new Jalan Kemena Bintulu is estimated at RM70 million which is financed by the Sarawak Government with BDA as its implementing agency, consultants L&P Associates and its contractor Asarajaya Sdn Bhd.

The 6.7 kilometer (km) long road construction project started for phase 1 on 2 December 2019 and phase 2 (1 November 2021) with the construction of phase 1 completed on 26 November 2022 and phase 2 completed on 31 July 2022.