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Bintulu Development Authority
Population & ManpowerPopulation & Manpower



The estimated population of Sarawak in 2000 was 2.013 million. In 2000, Bintulu Division has an estimated population of 161,134 which Bintulu District has 138,269 and Tatau District 22,865. The 1999 census for Malaysia showed that the total population of Bintulu Division was 142,400. The significant increase in population in Bintulu can be attributed to the discovery of gas reserves and other resources which resulted in unprecedented industrial development in the area. For more information, refer Statistic Department.

MANPOWER SUPPLY In Sarawak, there is free mobility of labour among the districts and it should be noted that should needs arise, labour can be easily attracted into Bintulu from other districts. This is so as survey has revealed that over half of the population in Bintulu are migrants who migrated to Bintulu for economic and related reason especially during the first boom period. Table below shows the number of job registrants and job vacancies in Sarawak from 1990 to 1999. For more information refer Labour Department.