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Last Update: 24 05 2019
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BDA committed to transforming Bintulu by 2025 — GM
Posted on : 21 May 2018  Source of News: The Borneo Post

BINTULU: Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) will never stop providing and upgrading existing public facilities for the convenience of the community.

Its general manager Rodziah Morshidi said BDA, as a responsible local authority that has managed the physical development of the town for the past 40 years, will continue to strive towards its vision of transforming Bintulu into a friendly industrial city by 2025.

“Various community-based projects which directly benefit the locals have been identified and some have already been implemented and completed.

“One such project is the trading site for local traders at Kampung Assyakirin which has been completed in early January, which will directly give a good impact to the local residents to improve their standard of living by increasing their income,” she said during the site’s opening ceremony here on Monday night.

Tiong (second left) presents Rodziah with the letters of undertaking signed by representatives of the traders.

The 62-lot trading site – built at a cost of RM1.2  million – was declared open by Bintulu incumbent Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing.

According to Rodziah, the location of the new trading site is quite strategic as it is situated adjacent to the existing commercial area.

She said the completion of the trading site in Kampung Assyakirin was timely as Muslims will be observing the fasting month of Ramadan soon and it will be the best venue for locals to find good food for the breaking-of-fast.

Meanwhile, she said the ongoing upgrading works of existing trading facilities in Tanjung Batu beach would give it a new look and become a pull factor for locals as well as tourists.

Some of the facilities will be completed by the end of this year, with Tiong recently officiating at the opening of Tanjung Batu night market.

“On behalf of BDA, I would like to thank Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing for the strong support throughout these years in our effort to get more allocation from the government to provide good facilities for the people,” Rodziah said.

She went on to remind traders to keep their business site clean in line with a pledge they signed with BDA to ensure the site is kept clean.

“We want to have a two-way relationship with the traders and not just a one-way traffic as we also need your contribution in making sure the facilities will be taken care off.

“Keep the cleanliness level as high as possible. Don’t leave anything behind after you’ve finished and don’t throw rubbish in the drain. Most importantly, please don’t lease your site to a third party,” she stressed, adding that local traders should also make the place as vibrant as possible.

On a related matter, Rodziah said BDA has also been allocated RM1.5 million to upgrade and expand the facilities at the Bintulu night market.

“This is one of the efforts by our state and federal governments to assist our local traders to generate better income,” she said.

Tiong, meanwhile, congratulated BDA for their efforts in transforimng Bintulu.

“We have seen lots of changes under this new management. Previously, people used to be angry with BDA; they curse and hate BDA,” he said.

From his observation, Tiong said BDA is different now compared to many years ago and he believes it has done its best to serve the people.

In the meantime, he also urged BDA to install more lighting at the trading site to make it brighter.

Temenggong Datuk Barry Yek, Temenggong Rosli Kamaruddin and other local community leaders were among those present at the event.