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Tumbina Park - a tourist attraction again in Bintulu
Posted on : 31 Dec 2018  Source of News:

BINTULU, Dec 31: The Bintulu Plants and Animals Park (Tumbina) Bintulu again became the tourist destination that came to this oil town when nearly 200,000 people visited the park since it reopened in Jan 2018.

Park manager Kamil Bujang said the first Tumbina Park in Sarawak was officially opened on 2 August 1991 but was temporarily closed in 2017 for repair and maintenance work.

"Since re-opened the number of visitors showed positive developments.

 "Based on statistics from Jan to Nov 2018, a total of 196,686 visitors have visited Taman Tumbina," he told Bernama.

Kamil said that of the total 145,969 were adults and 50,717 were children.

The park is managed by the Bintulu Development Authority.

 He said apart from various species of animals, insects and plants that attracted attention, no entrance fee to the park was also one factor in the number of visitors who showed a positive trend.

For the previous record, Tumbina Bintulu Park charges RM2 in for one adult and 50 cents for children aged seven to 12 years old.

Kamil said the majority of visitors are locals but there are also foreign tourists like France, Germany and South Africa.

In terms of improvement, he said it involved park infrastructure including animal stables and comfort routes for visitor.

For the next plan, he said he plans to increase the species of birds and other animals.

"However It depends on the suitability of the species to be placed in Taman Tumbina as well as financial factors," he said.

For now, the attractiveness of the park is deer, oars, hedgehogs, rabbits and tigers as well as various species of birds such as hornbills, eagles, chickens, swans and creams, various types of fish such as Koi, Tilapia and Keli. besides reptiles like crocodiles, pythons and tortoises and insects like butterflies.

Taman Tumbina Bintulu also has Orchid Plants, Cactus and Spring Parks.

With just a 30-minute drive from city center, Tumbina Park provides visitors with a chance to see the life of various jungle species whilst recreating.