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Last Update: 17 08 2018
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Enforcement agencies conduct continuous inspection of Ramadan bazaars
Posted on : 20 Jun 2017  Source of News: The Borneo Post

Abdul Hafidz (right) talks to a food stall owner at ABF Beach Ramadan bazaar.

BINTULU: Enforcement teams of the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism (KPDNKK) Bintulu carried out a total of 1,007 inspections at the four Ramadan bazaars in this town.

On Sunday afternoon KPDNKK enforcement officers conducted a joint operation with  relevant enforcement agencies and inspected 30 stalls at ABF Beach Ramadan bazaar.

The joint operation was led by KPDNKK state enforcement chief Abdul Hafidz Abdul Rahim.

The four agencies involved were Bintulu Development Authority, People’s Volunteer Corps, Malaysia Civil Defence Force and Bintulu Health Office.

“From our continuous inspection, so far all food stall operators in the four Ramadan bazaars in Bintulu have complied with the rules and regulations.

“Nevertheless, our enforcement teams will continue with our regular inspection with other agencies at the bazaars,” he told reporters after joining 40 enforcers during the joint operation.

In Bintulu, there are a total of 196 stalls open in four bazaars, namely Bintulu Esplanade (108), Assyakirin (28), ABF Beach (30) and Kidurong Sports

Centre (30).

Abdul Hafidz said the joint operation was a continuous effort by MDTCC and other  relevant government agencies, particularly to strengthen its enforcement activities to be more effective in protecting consumers.

“Under the joint operation, the participating agencies will be enforcing their respective laws,” he said, adding that the operation is being implemented throughout the state.

In another development, he said KPDNKK Bintulu had inspected 5,066 premises comprising 3,719 premises in town areas and 1,347 in rural areas.

“A total of 52 cases of various offences were recorded as of June 17 involving RM1,201,467.32 worth of seized items, with 40 cases solved and RM9,600 in compounds collected,” said Hafidz.

He advised traders to comply with the trade laws or risk having stern action  taken against them.

“For consumers, before buying goods or services, be careful. compare the prices and most importantly avoid overspending,” said Abdul Hafidz.