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The Official Website of
Bintulu Development Authority
Functions of BDA under the BDA Ordinance 1978 Functions of BDA under the BDA Ordinance 1978

 1. Development

  •      A one-stop agency to facilitate economic development in Bintulu.
  •      Undertake land use planning.
  •      Undertake development of industrial estates, commercial and residential buildings.
  •      Undertake development of infrastructures like roads, drains and sewerage.

2.  Provide municipal type of services.

  • BDA are responsible to provide an efficient services especially to keep Bintulu Town clean, landscape beautification, health and Sanitation.

  • Municipal Services

           -Vector control & Sanitation
           - Health & Sanitation
           - Landscape Beautification & Intrastructure Maintenance (Road, Sewerage, Building & Drain) Traffic road & light
           - Market & Parking
           - Sport & Recreation And Education
           -Other Functions:
             -Licensing Unit
             - Public Complaint
             - Rates Assessment
             - Tumbina, BDA Public Library
             -Polis Bantuan Samalaju