Functions of BDA under the BDA Ordinance 1978

  • To promote, stimulate, facilitate and undertake economic & social development

  • To promote and coordinate further industrial and tertiary development

  • To promote, develop and manage residential and industrial estate

  • To promote, assist and develop trade, commerce and industry 

  • To promote and increase productivity of industry and to encourage more efficient utilization of natural resources 

  • To provide facilities and amenities for the advancement and well being of people living and working within the designated area

  • To develop and turn into account any immovable property acquired by or vested in the Authority or in which in the Authority is interested

  • To make such recommendations to the Premier of Sarawak as the BDA sees fit in relation to any measures which it considers would achieve an increase in trade and development; and  

  • To undertake such other functions as the Premier of Sarawak may from time to time direct.