Council Negeri Monument

-The Birth Place of the Sarawak Legislative Council 


Bintulu is home to the first legislative assembly meeting of Sarawak.It was held way back in 1867.With Charles Brooke,the second white Rajah of Sarawak in the chair,there sat 5 of his British Officers and 16 Malay and Melanau Members (Chiefs) to mark a new era in the conduct of the affairs of the state.

A centenary stone commemorating the centennial of the historical meeting was erected on this site in 1967 and was further improved to include a clock tower and fountain in 1987,the fountain was attractively fenced up in November 1998 for safety and aesthetical purpose.The monument can be found by visitors on their way to the heart of Bintulu town.

Pasar Utama Bintulu & Tamu Bintulu
- A Market Place


These markets,located side by side,are the most frequently visited location in Bintulu,both by rural folks and tourists.These market is divided into many parts,each for different type of traded items such as fruits,belachan (shrimp paste) & cincaluk (a solution of fermented shrimps),wet areas (for fish and seafood traders),vegetables and a basic commodities.

The upper floor of Pasar Tamu is a place where local delicacies can be savoured.If you visit Bintulu,it is a must to buy Bintulu belachan and cincaluk.Its pure,natural and traditional way of processing makes these tourists favourite keep coming back for more! On the upper floor too and near the staircases,you can find a souvenir shop selling cheap handicrafts and the famous layer cake (kek lapis).If you love Belachan and Cincaluk,or traditional shoppers at wet markets,head yourself straight to the heart of Bintulu town for a tour at Pasar Utama & Pasar Tamu Bintulu.  

Pasar Malam
- A Nightly Affair


Unlike Pasar Malam in Kuching or Miri,Pasar Malam is held every single day,be it weekdays or weekends,and also local holidays.Here you can enjoy local version of 'fast food',from apam balik,roti canai,burger or even nasi campur.As for non-Muslim,they can also savour pork delicacies such as siew pau.Other traded items are like bundled jeans pants,handbags and also,smuggled cigarettes & liquors(again!). 

Bintulu Mosque
- An Architectural Wonder


 A uniquely designed and structurally modern mosque with its intrinsic spiritual value preserved,the Bintulu Mosque aptly named "Masjid Assyakirin" meaning Gratefulness to God. A man-made cascading waterfall adorned by beautifully crafted fountains,landscaped with beautiful flowers and palnts enhance the tranquillity of this mosque. A wal up to the mosque is indeed a spiritual and soothing experience.

Kuan Yin Tong Temple
- A Splendid Temple


Located at Kilometer 2 of Jalan Sultan Iskandar, the Kuan Yin Tong Temple of Bintulu is another spiritual building which will fascinate you with its skillfully crafted grand design. Amongst the peculiar features of this unique temple are the rock garden courtyard, man-made waterfall and dragon fencing - all of quality craftmanship.

Tanjung Batu Beach
- An Ideal Place for Picnic

Fancy a rocky and sandy beach side-by-side? This unique feature happens to be the attraction to Tanjung Batu Beach (which is also how the name is given, "Rocky Isthmus"). It is a place where people in Bintulu jog and stroll their way along the beach, or the road with their families, apart from taking a sun-tanning session. However, beware the coastline during monsoon season, as there has been cases of drowning annually.

- A Living Heritage

Being the only zoo in the northern region of Sarawak,Taman Tumbina is a house to various animals such as crocodiles and pythons.Most of the visitors enter the park for jungle-trekking or hill climbing.The beautiful scenery of South China Sea awaits people who dare to climb to the top of the hill!

Bintulu Golf Course
- Golfers paradise


Bintulu 's own 18-hole international standard golf course for you to swing to your heart's content.The course offers a great challenge to golfers in its undulating terrain and also a breathtaking view of the South China Sea from the hilltop club house,while savouring the local and continental dishes in the open air restaurant after a perfect round of golf.

Similajau National Park
- Nature Adventure Wonders of Bintulu


Similajau National Park is a park of golden beach (it's really gold in colour!) and also a very harsh mangrove woods. You can take a hike deep into the jungle so you will be able to find the true "Golden Beach". For more information, contact: Forest Department (National Park/Wildlife) Tel: (60) 86-336101.

Bintulu Promenade

The latest attraction to Bintulu is the 120-acre Bintulu Promenade, the state's longest waterfront attraction similar to the one in Kuching. It is a commercial and recreational park rolled into one and strategically located near the delta of Kemena River and the Parkcity Everly Hotel. Perfect place for a relaxing stroll and to watch sunset and enjoy the evening breeze.

Kuala Nyalau

Kuala Nyalau is a place where beach with many coral reefs leftovers scattered on its coastline. There is also beautiful waterfall not far from the beach. To get here, you need to drive using Bintulu-Miri coastal road. The travelling time is estimated around 1-2 hours. Once you arrive at the Nyalau junction (bear in mind, Nyalau, not Nyabau!), drive another 10km to the sea using partly sealed, partly crusher run (stone) road. The road is a bit bullish at certain areas due to its hilly terrain.

 The road leading to Kuala Nyalau is narrow, hilly, winding and partly bare soil road. Don't dare to drive during heavy rain. Even during sunny day, watch out for opposite vehicles especially Lorries. The condition of the road might be sometimes too rough for any visitors to go in.

Sebauh is a small district under Bintulu division. However, it is a centre of trading for people from around Sebauh like Pandan and Ulu Sebauh, and around its area, up to the deepest upriver area of Kuala Kebulu, Tubau and Labang. Like Tatau, Sebauh is popular among fishing freak.


Tatau is rich with seafood and freshwater produce. Mi Hong Kong served in Tatau prove this fact.

Tatau is a small town, which is also a capital district of Tatau. It comprises of different areas such as Kuala Tatau (using its own Bintulu-Kuala Tatau road, or using water transport from Tatau using Tatau River), Sangan (accessible by road), Ng Sangan, Nanga Tau and Kuala Muput. If you love fishing, you will love Tatau especially when you go cruising along the Tatau River for your freshwater catch or down to the river mouth for seafood.

Bejiam River Waterfall, Ulu Nyalau

A natural gift suitable for recreational undertakings, Bejiam Waterfall’s location of about 65 kilometers away of the Bintulu-Miri Road and through rugged estate tracks, has enable to preserves its’ tranquilizing atmosphere. For visitors conveniences in mind, restrooms, gazebos, and food stalls are available.

Wong Sunang Waterfall

Get ready for splashing fun and adventurous exploration of Wong Sunang Waterfall, near Sungai Anap, Ulu Sangan, which is about hour boat long boat ride from Tatau Bazaar. Enjoy the feeling travelling traveling along the Tatau River before exploring this majestic waterfall where the water splashed down from 50 feet above and creating permanent misty atmosphere around and flow straight into the River Anap.

Residents the nearby longhouse, Rumah Jepon, also offer visitors of interesting stories about the waterfall and the existence of their settlement. Coupled with exotic flora and fauna, the surroundings of this water.

Bintulu Esplanade

A people’s square where a number of health and social activities are frequently organised, the Bintulu Esplanade is a landmark for social integration among local and visitors. 

Chosen as a venue for organizing stage shows and official events, the Bintulu Esplanade has also been the premier choice for organizing the festivities, particularly in the Muslim month of Ramadan, where hundreds of stalls would be set up to sale home-made dishes and arrays of local delicacies.

Jungle Treking Park

A fitting place to enjoy a healthy jog while mingling with natural greenery, the Jungle Trekking Park is just some four kilometers away from town. Experienced the harmonic sound of wild bird and enchanting insects along the tracks, which has been amply equipped with sign and maps to guide trekkers along the ways. 

A very good venue for building up fitness to keep up with daily routine as well as for preparation before embarking on a more challenging jungle trekking experience.

Lasar kenyalang

Lasar Kenyalang is the result of the proposal of upgrading the Old Airport as a square for public use with the provision of a parking area and a large gathering space for users to do outdoor activities.