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Last Update: 23 06 2018
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State has 174 CCTVs for crime-watch -Penguang
Posted on : 02 Mar 2017  Source of News: The Borneo Post

SIBU: A total of 174 units of close-circuit televisions (CCTVs) were installed in crime-prone areas across the state last year to deter crime, said Assistant Minister for Local Government Datu Dr Penguang Manggil.

He said this initiative under the safe city concept was funded by the Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government.

Penguang added that under Kuching North City Hall, 24 locations were installed with CCTVs; Kuching South City Council with 20 locations; Sibu Municipal Council with 90 locations, whereas for Bintulu Development Authority, 20 units were installed across five locations.

“As of now they are put up in crime-prone areas… or known as black spots,” he told The Borneo Post.

On the targeted number of CCTVs to be installed and their proposed locations in the state this year, he said the information was not available.

Penguang, who is Marudi assemblyman, said the maintenance of CCTVs comes under the respective councils.

Towards this end, he said residences, especially single houses with big compounds, are encouraged to use CCTVs for their own safety and security.

Meanwhile, Sibu Rural District Council (SRDC) deputy chairman Councillor Robert Lau Hui Yew revealed that they were bidding for funds for the installation of CCTVs in commercial areas in Sibu Jaya township.

“Hopefully, we can get some funds so we can start installing at the commercial area (in Sibu Jaya), where we have our night market – we want to start from there – in installing the CCTVs,” he said.

On the pilot community policing project which was expected to be launched in Sibu Jaya, Lau said this would eventually be introduced to all other zones under SRDC’s jurisdiction.

“We are going to extend it to every zone and every zone will be given a budget to do their community policing. Hopefully… to get it done as soon as possible,” he said.