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Flash floods should be lesson for public not to throw rubbish into drains
Posted on : 07 Nov 2019  Source of News: The Borneo Post

BINTULU: The flash flood affecting several housing areas here recently should by now enlighten the public and the local authorities on their respective roles and responsibilities.

Bintulu Development Authority (BDA), in recent years, has been very active in promoting self-regulating with regard to environmental cleanliness through various campaigns and even via the enforcement of the cleanliness by-Law in order to create a sense of self belonging among the public.

General manager Rodziah Morshidi and her enforcement teams have been doing their best in attending to and solving various complaints from the public.

“It is always about drains being heavily clogged and not cleared that remain the focus when monsoon is approaching but never about our littering habits and public apathy towards our bad habits that cause these drains to be clogged,” said Rodziah in her Facebook post.

She said other than blocking the drains and causing overflow leading to flash floods, such bad habits might also cause damage to the drains.

“Have mercy not to throw too much rubbish indiscriminately into our drains.

“Please avoid throwing used oils, lubricants and rubbish into our drains. This selfish act will cause our drains to be clogged, thus causing flash flood and its unpleasant consequences,” she added.