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The Official Website of
Bintulu Development Authority



Farley Shopping Complex

Parkcity Mall

The presence of the shopping centers will encourage the local spending that will ensure positive cycle of economy to benefit both the business and the consumerism sectors.

Among them are Chung Chuan Construction who proposed to build The Times Square Mall and Samling Construction for the development of Park City Commercial Square. In addition, plan is in place to develop Boulevard Shopping Mall in Bintulu in the very near future. With the completion of all these projects, people in Bintulu will have a wider choice to obtain their daily necessities to get the latest brands of good.

The various popular shopping centre as below:-

  • Parkcity Mall at Parkcity area (Next to New World Suites)
  • City Point at Keppel Road.
  • Ngiu Kee Departmental Stores at BDA Shahida Shopping Complex
  • Farley Bintulu at Medan Jaya
  • Sing Kwong Supermarkets at Assyakirin Commerce Square and Kemena Commercial Centre, Tanjung Batu
  • MDS- Mart at Medan Jaya and Jln. Abg. Galau.